Essex Rotary LED Tail Light Resistor Harness

Essex Rotary LED Tail Light Resistor Harness

This Harness has been designed for use when installing our LED Rear Light Clusters in conjunction with installing our LED Third Brake Light.

Without this Harness your dash will throw a warning light.

Designed for easy installation and placement, Our aim was to make installation simple and affordable.

Designed and made in house here at Essex Rotary HQ. This item is essential if your planning to run a full rear LED conversion.


This Unit is designed primarily for the RX-8 however it should work on other vehicle applications.

  • Simply fix the ring terminal down to a ground location.
  • Stick the resistor unit down to a metal surface using the adhesive backing.
  • Then crimp the other end of the harness on to the live wire (using the included Scotch Lock) for the Brake light bulb.
  • Finally secure the harness wire to the vehicle or existing wiring harness using the included cable ties.

Please note if your using our LED lights you will only need one of these harnesses, However if you plan on installing LED Indicator bulbs you may need additional harnesses depending on the LED bulbs you choose in order for the flasher function to work correctly.

By Essex Rotary • 6 December, 2017 • 2:28 pm