Arch Rolling

So you have bought your new wheels and tires for your Rex and they are now rubbing?

Essex Rotary can offer a professional arch rolling service at an extremely competitive price.

It is possible to gain up to an extra 8-9mm clearance when rolling the lips of your rear wheel arches without adding any significant stretch to the arch lines*


While its usually only the rear arches that cause clearance problems especially when your have also lowered your car. We offer two main prices (plus a single arch price in the event of a customer having panel replaced)

Pricing Brake Down for Rolling

  • Price for 1 arch to be rolled – £85.00*
  • Price for 2 arches – £150.00*
  • Price for all 4 arches – £280.00*

All Prices include VAT at 20%
Payment for wheel arch rolling must be made up front.

Here at Essex Rotary we will alway use our experience to advise you in advance if we feel the process may or may not achieve what your looking for. please remember we cannot guarantee results as wheel and tyre combinations can be infinite.

Please contact us for further details or to book your car in to have its arches rolled.
Contact details can be found Here

As with any modification of this nature there is a slight risk of paint cracking or splitting on the edge that is being rolled, however we take every precaution to prevent this when possible,
Essex Rotary cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the process of rolling your arches for better clearance.

If you are in any doubt or are worried about the possibility of damage to your arches during this process then we would urge you not to get them done.

*Prices based on actual work carried out on the Mazda RX8 rear arches and other vehicles we have experience of, and considering reasonable time is taken, in cases where the process takes considerably longer to complete there may be an additional labour charge applicable.
Please factor in around 40-60 minutes per arch.
**Essex Rotary cannot be held responsible to paint damage to arch edges or lips when rolling is undertaken.

Please remember we only roll the lip of your wheel arch, we do not flare the wheel arch at all.


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