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New Products in the shop

RX82kwStarter270w  HKSCouplerHardPipe270w






We have some new products in the shop including a new option for Magnecore Ht leads for you RX8 owners, Uprated RX8 Starter Motors at a very competitive price and we are now also please to be able to offer a Catalytic Converter that will not die quickly like many cheap options on the market at the moment.

We will also soon be offering a set of upgraded silicone couplers to fit the HKS hard pipe upgrade kit for the FD, watch this space for more information and pricing soon.

By Essex Rotary • 26 February, 2014 • 10:48 pm • Leave a comment

Royal Purple Oils Land at ERHQ

Well better late than never but we are pleased to announce that Essex Rotary are now able to offer the full line up of of Royal Purple Oils to our customers for use in their cars.

Royal Purple of the only synthetic oils safe to use in your engines lubricant system and is the only oils offered by Racing Beat in the USA.


Starting with Royal Purples 2-Cycle TCWIII (premix) and Royal Purple Max-Tuff Engine Assembly Lube, we will slowly be expanding our range of products stocked to include the most popular rotary focused lubricants that Royal Purple offer.

You may be wondering why royal purples synthesic oils are safe for your rotary engine, in a nutshell they are designed to burn cleanly leaving as close to zero Ash deposits as possible, But dont take our word for it, here is what Royal Purple themselves have to say.

So try Royal Purple on your next oil change.

By Essex Rotary • 6 November, 2013 • 9:48 pm • Comments Off

Shop News

Its been a busy few weeks for us here at ERHQ. The shops bulking out slowly and we are in talks with some new suppliers to bring you some new products.

We can reveal that Aeromotive will be joining our line up of products.



New areas of the shop have just started up offering you online payment for some of the most popular basic services that we offer, includint

  • Compression Testing
  • Oil Changes (with a selection of oil options)
  • Water seal “sniff” testing

Stay tuned for a wider range of services to be offered in our shop.

Some exciting new products have been added to the Essex Rotary store too including the new FC3s section catering for all things FC.

New products include

  • Koyo Racing Radiator for FC3s
  • SFS Radiator Hoses for FC3s
  • Racing Beat Tubular Manifold for RX-8
  • Koyo Racing “N-Flo” Radiator for FD3s
  • SFS Radiator Hoses for FD3s
  • SFS Ancillary Hoses for FD3s
  • Plus much more
By Essex Rotary • 18 July, 2013 • 12:55 am • Comments Off

New Products Hitting the Store


We have been busy adding some new products to our online store
take a stroll over to the store and have a browse around.
Some new items include

  • Racing Beat REVI Induction Kit
  • Racing Beat REVI Ram Air Duct
  • SFS Performance RX-8 Radiator Hoses
  • Koyo Racing Radiator for RX-8
  • Oil Filters for RX-7
  • Plus much more
  • RacingBeatRevi

By Essex Rotary • 10 July, 2013 • 11:00 am • Comments Off

Shop is now live

RacingBeatReviEssex Rotaries shop is now online.

Please hang in there as its early days and we plan to get a good range of products in there over the coming weeks. Payment is secured via Paypal so you know your transactions are in safe hands. Unfortunately we currently do not have the facilities to offer shipping on our products but this is something we are looking in to offering soon.

We also plan to be adding service packs for your car, this will simplify your booking in process;

  1. Find out the service you need (eg . 62’500mile service)
  2. Enter our shop
  3. add 62’500mile service pack to cart
  4. checkout via paypal
  5. call us and book a date that suites you.

Its that simple.

We are also working hard to bring you some new and exciting products for your cars, so please to check back soon to see whats new.

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