Royal Purple Oils Land at ERHQ

Well better late than never but we are pleased to announce that Essex Rotary are now able to offer the full line up of of Royal Purple Oils to our customers for use in their cars.

Royal Purple of the only synthetic oils safe to use in your engines lubricant system and is the only oils offered by Racing Beat in the USA.


Starting with Royal Purples 2-Cycle TCWIII (premix) and Royal Purple Max-Tuff Engine Assembly Lube, we will slowly be expanding our range of products stocked to include the most popular rotary focused lubricants that Royal Purple offer.

You may be wondering why royal purples synthesic oils are safe for your rotary engine, in a nutshell they are designed to burn cleanly leaving as close to zero Ash deposits as possible, But dont take our word for it, here is what Royal Purple themselves have to say.

So try Royal Purple on your next oil change.

By Essex Rotary • 6 November, 2013 • 9:48 pm