Compression Testing

We have our own rotary engine compression tester, these are designed specially for testing rotary engines. With Many years of experience Essex Rotary are perfectly placed to analyze your results and give you an honest and simple to understand diagnosis on the health of your engine.

Are you having any of the problems with your car listed below?

  • My car does not restart when the engine is hot.
  • By car has a rough idle.
  • My car is stalling for no reason.
  • I suspect my car is down on power.
  • My car takes a long time to start when my engine is hot.
  • I am looking to buy a rotary powered car.

CompressionTesterIf you have answered yes to any of the questions above then a Hot Compression Test is the first step your going to want to take. This test is not the absolute answer to engine health but its one of the most important tests to have done.

Because each car is as individual as its owner, Essex Rotary take great care in considering all aspects of your cars running characteristics, ancillaries that could effect starting from both hot and cold, and your personal feedback to give you a unique explanation and diagnosis that is as unique and individual as its owner.
We then go further to help explain these results and possible causes in simple non technical terms anybody will understand, It is our aim that each owner leave our workshop with a better understanding of their car and how this amazing rotary engine at the heart of our cars beats.

We will be happy to then advise you of the best possible steps to take to keep your engine in tip top form on an individual basis.

It can only be done with a Rotary Engine Compression Tester and should always be carried out with the engine hot, a cold test will yield positive false results.

Our compression testing testing service starts at £60.00 for a twin rotor 12a or 13b engine. Triple Rotor 20b engines will be extra.

Please take some time to look at our technical artivle on compression testing.Compression Test Results


Just wanted to say thanks to Aston and Essex Rotary. I had a few questions which Aston answered for me. Nothing was too much trouble, even dropping the car off late one evening and arranging for a Saturday pick-up.

Service, diff and gearbox oil change plus SS brake lines and new discs and pads all round. Was blown away with the knowledge and the passion for RX7 and 8′s that Aston has.

Will definitely be back again.
Mark Melia