ECU Remapping RX-8

With the arrival of new software we can now offer a range of ECU Remaps (also called Reflash) for your RX-8 including the R3 ECU
This service brakes down in to several options depending on your level of modification.

A summery of some of the Services detailed below.

  • Essex Rotary Stage 1 ECU Reflash
  • RX-8 231ps ad 192ps Redline Increase
  • JDM Speed Limiter Removal
  • Essex Rotary Pops and Bangs/Crackle Map
  • Essex Rotary Flat Foot Shifting and Launch Control Upgrades for RX-8
  • Essex Rotary Stage 2 ECU Reflash
  • RX-7 Standalone ECU Mapping

ER Stage 1 ECU ReflashMap1-270px

This base reflash is intended to help keep your engine happy and is a great base to work from when modifying your car.

Changes will be made to the following maps then re-flashed to your ECU

  • Oil Metering Pump Delivery Rate Increased
  • Cold Start Rev Limiter (to prevent high RPM operation when the engine is cold)
  • Low Speed Cooling Fan Trigger Temp Lowered
  • High Speed Cooling Fan Trigger Temp Lowered

The Following changes are optional and can only de adjusted if you have the supporting modifications

  • Ignition Coil Dwell Time (adjustment to support BHR/D585 Coil Kits)
  • CEL (Engine Light) Delete (we can permanently disable engine lights caused by modifications like Decats, Secondary Air Pump Delete etc)

Price for Stage 1 Reflash £75.00

RX-8 231ps and 192ps Redline Increase

The 192ps RX-8 is limited to 7500rpm, in many cases once modified with a good quality exhaust and Induction kit it is possible to increase this redline limiter. The extent of just how far this can be increased can depend on many factors. We can also increase the redline on the 231ps RX-8 but not to such a high degree due to the already heady 9000rpm redline.

Including but not limited to;

  • Engine health.
  • Engine Porting (if it has been rebuilt)
  • Exhaust
  • Induction
  • Ignition
  • and more

Redline Increased up to 9000rpm on 192ps models (maximum Redline Increase may vary depending on supporting modifications.)* This Service may require a little road testing in order to determine the best level to set the rev limiter, as we do not feel it is goos to simply increase it to 9000rpm if the engine actually starts to struggle to accelerate 8200rpm for example. In this case we may back the Limiter down to around 8000-8100rpm and a safe measure.

*Please Note that an increase in redline may cause slightly increased wear on your engines internal parts. while in most cases this risk is minimal this RPM mod is adjusted at the vehicle owners risk, Essex Rotary cannot be held responsible for the premature failure of the customers engine should this option be taken.

This service is carried out as an optional addition to the Stage 1 ECU reflash we do and has a small additional cost.

Price for Redlne Increase carried out in addition to the Stage 1 Reflash £36.00

JDM Speed Limiter Removal

We can also remove the factory speed limiter from the  JDM (Japan Import) ECU found on the RX-8. the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) Imports had a 180kph or 112mph speed limiter set from the factory and while there are devices sold to enable thew removal of this limiter they are quite expensive.

Here at Essex Rotary we are able to remove the speed limiter by manipulating the ECU tune.

Price for JDM Speed Limiter Removal £75.00 (Standalone)
Price for JDM Speed Limiter Removal £36.00 (when done with a Stage 1 ECU Reflash)

ER Pop’n'Bang Crackle Map (the Shaq map… Scooby Doo Pop Pop)

This map is carried out as a separate mapping session or can be tagged on to any of our other mapping services for the RX-8. This Map gives your Rx-8 that oh so sporty exhaust crackle on overrun when you lift off*. when lifting off after accelerating allow the car to slow down in gear and the exhaust will crackle and pop as the the RPM drops. a light touch of the throttle pedal can make the effect even more “race car”

This kind of map is also known by the following names:

  • Crackle Map
  • Pops and Bangs
  • Popcorn Map
  • Rally Car Map

Our personal favourite name is the Shaq Map… after you guessed it the “Big Shaq” Scooby Doo Pop Pop….

*Exhaust crackle will vary with exhaust design on your specific car

Price for the Shaq Pop and Bang Map £199.00

ER Flat Foot Shifting and Launch Control Upgrades for RX-8

Essex Rotary are now able to offer both flat foot shifting and Launch control for all years of RX-8, this is programmed on to the stock ECU. and it something that has only been reserved for those that have been using standalone ECU’s until now.

These features do not require buttons to be installed to activate and will sit there in the background until your ready to use them. see more about these ECU upgrades below.

What is Flat Foot shifting?
When pulling to redline time is lost during a normal gear change as you depress the clutch, lift our of the throttle and move between gears. With flat foot shifting you no longer need to lift out of the throttle meaning your staying in the power  and speeding up your shifts.

Keep the throttle pinned to the floor as you depress the clutch pedal  The ECU is programmed to reduce the revs to prevent over revving while the clutch it depressed and your moving between gears. As you lift the clutch pedal after selecting your new gear the ECU will give your full revs back speeding up shifts and meaning your in the sweet stop during a pull for longer.

What is Launch Control?
Standing still on the start line simply depress the clutch and select your 1st gear, pin the throttle and the ECU knows your wanting launch control, it will hold your Engine revs at the desired RPM to give you a good launch off the line. No need to complicated procedures, not million buttons to press. its that simple. its ready to go whenever you are.

Please note that an upgraded clutch is recommended if your planning to use this feature a lot. however with an uprated clutch we are able to tune this for an even more aggressive launch.

Price for Flat Foot Shifting and Launch Control Upgrade £149.00 

ER Stage 2 ECU Reflash

This Stage 2 Reflash is intended to start increading power delivery of your engine once modified.
Mapping and testing is gurrently being carried out on our own vehicles with before and after Dyno power runs coming soon

We recommend a mimimum level of modification to your car before looking at a stage 2 reflash, these would include

  • Induction Kit, (either Racing Beat Revi or AEM) a K&N Panel Filter and the minimum
  • Aftermarket Catback Exhaust such as the Racing Beat Rev8
  • ER Stage 1 ECU Reflash

Price for ER Stage 2 Reflash £TBC

Mapping can be carried out on all models of RX-8 including R3 and JDM models for more information please drop us a line.

Map2-270pxRX-7 Mapping

We are also able to offer mapping for RX-7 owners using either Apexi Power FC, Link Engine Management and Adaptronic, Mapping for RX-7 systems is carried out by the mapper of europe’s fastest rotary drag car.

Essex Rotary are able to supply the Link Engine Management, Apexi plug more from various ECU lineups for RX-7′s from Series 4 to Series 8 please contact us for more details.

Prices start from £499.00 inc VAT