Servicing RX-8


With servicing from £50.00 (including parts and labor)
there is no excuse not to keep your RX in tip top
running order.


The chart to the right outlines the basic service plan that Mazda recommended for the RX-8 in the UK, when compared to the chart below it is obvious things could have been done better.

While Mazda’s service shcedule is quite comprehensive, there are still areas that can be  improved upon.

We would recommend the introduction of the following changes/additions:

  • An intermediate oil changes (between services roughly 3000-6000 miles or 3- 6 month)
  • More frequent spark plug changes (12-24month intervals)
  • Ignition coil pack changed at 30’000 mile intervals (maximum)*
  • Drive Belts (50’000 miles or 48 month intervals)

*If your still running Genuine Mazda Coil Packs

If your driving your car hard on a regular basis you may also want to look at changing the following more frequently.

  • Air Filter
  • Manual transmission oil
  • Diff (rear axel) oil

Servicing Simplified.
Essex Rotary has worked hard on bringing you a new service plan for your RX-8, this is focused on maintaining and servicing your RX-8 as it should. Our new 4 year plan is Unique to Essex Rotary and has been developed in house with the knowledge gained from years of working on these unique and amazing vehicles. We have looked at many aspects of the current Mazda schedule and carefully considered its shortfalls, and the advances in technology in some areas. this has ultimately brought us to  create a simple rolling 4 year plan for your vehicle. Please click on the image below to view our new 4 year service plan.


Is Your Service History Incomplete?
Essex Rotary are more than happy to tailor a service to your individual needs, You may have just bought your car and would like a full fluid change (so you know what oils are used and when they where done) You may have missed a service or two and wish to bring its servicing up to date.

For more information on our service plans or a bespoke quote on any aspect of getting your car services please drop us a line using the details on out contact page. Please include the following information so we can give you an accurate quote.

  • Registration
  • Current odometer readingServiceFrom£50Small
  • Date of last service
  • Odometer reading at last service
  • Last Service interval according to what was stamped in your book (eg. 5th year service)

Remember that cars registered from mid 2006 where supplied without the traditional service book (to be stamped by us). Instead Mazda launched the DSR (Digital Service Record) all your service information if stored online.

Essex Rotary are Mazda DSR authorized, meaning we can access and update your service records.


Huge thanks to Aston at Essex Rotary for installing R-Spec oil and water temp gauges into a RX8 “air vent mounted” pod. I bought the pod some while back via an RX8OC group buy but never got around to installing it myself. He did a superbly neat job in splicing into the car’s wiring and hiding all the cabling out of sight, even connecting in a spare power socket outlet under the dash for any future installs. Really pleased with how the gauges look and operate. Thumbs up to Aston for advisin…
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