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Essex Rotary
The home of high quality rotary engine care at competitive prices.

Essex Rotary was born from a passion of working on these amazing rotary cars that Mazda have given us over the years. As Essex Rotary we are still quite young, but our passion enthusiasm and understanding of these cars far outweighs our age.

From the ownership of our first RX-8 the love for these cars was obvious, everything had to be right, there was no compromise on parts and no corners cut.  this is reflected in the way we do things here at Essex Rotary. You will not be advised or supplied cheap sub standard parts and our standards of work are always very high.

From working on a few friends cars in the early days it was a natural progression for us to then move in to offering our expertise in this unique engines as a service to the wider community and general public.

Be it general advice on buying a rotary, engine compression testing, water seal failure testing, diagnostics, repairs, parts etc we are always here to help. Essex Rotary can offer the whole package under one roof, and if we don’t do it we will more often than not know someone who can.

With knowledge of these cars being very limited in the world of normal garages, it is even more  important you have your car cared for by a specialist that understands your car as much as we know you love your car.

With an ever growing collection of cars our self, our knowledge is always expanding enabling us to offer an ever increasing array or products and services to you the customer. If there is anything you require at all no matter how big or small please drop us a line and we will be happy to help.

 Front Cusco Strut 3






What can I say that hasn’t already been said?
Driving into Essex Rotary is a Rotorhead’s wet dream. Tons (literally) of various rotary cars lined up either side, a veritable Honour Guard standing watch, welcoming you to the promised land of Rotary excellence.

You can tell that Aston, Wayne and Ryan are committed, working in all weathers with every bit of the care and consideration you would show to your own car.
Step into the office and tempt yourself with all the shiny gubbins on displ…
Martin Skiff